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Staind Release Emotional Ballad "Here And Now"!

Staind has a new album coming out September 22nd titled "Confessions Of The Fallen". You can pre-order it here. Here And Now is the fourth single from the forthcoming album. This is a very powerful ballad. I think the following verse really paints a picture;

"And I can finally see

The mistakes I've made are glaring back at me

For all I've done, for all I've lost

Cause in the moment it wasn't worth the cost"

The lyrics really go deep, and very relatable. It's reflective and thought provoking. Aaron Lewis's impassioned vocals really bring meaning to the words. The song with the video, packaged together actually makes you go through a rage of feelings. Watching this actually made me feel teary as I have experienced taking care of a loved one with alzheimer's disease. Trust me when I tell you, the video does a phenomenal job covering the stages of it. If you ever experienced anything like this I believe it will touch you the way it touched me. Check it out below.

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