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Steel Panther Releases New Single "1987". A Time Capsule For Metal!

Steel Panther have a new album coming out on February 24th called "On The Prowl". You can pre-order it here. 1987 is the new single from the record. If you go by the title then you know this song represents that era. This is pure gold to me, I was 24 and as the song states I was in my rocking prime. There is a lot of truth in the lyrics here as it takes you down memory lane for us who lived it. Musically, it's a power ballad that tugs at your metal heart. There are two lines that I hope will be prophetic;

"And the music that we worshipped will live on Even after all our heavy metal heroes are gone"

I know those of us who grew up in that time will keep them alive, let's hope they do go on. The video does a great job creating a time machine affect showing the band playing the song and so on. This is well done and even radio friendly. Check it out below.

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