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Steve Miller Band Releases Alternate Take Of “Rock N’ Me”!

Steve Miller Band has a new box set coming out on October 11th titled “Welcome To The Vault”. You can pre-order it here. Miller has released an alternate version of one of his classic hits with Rock N’ Me Alternate Take 1. This is exactly what you want with a box set to a deluxe special edition of an artist or band. You get a rare look at what a song sounds like in its infancy and what it could have been like if they went with it. Sometimes they are done well and you’re surprised by it, other times you’re glad they changed it. I like this version. But I love the finished product that I know better. You can judge for yourself below.

#RockNMeAlternateTake1 #SteveMillerBand #WelcomeToTheVault

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