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Stormstress Releases Hard Rocking New Single “You Can’t Hurt Me Know”!

Stormstress has given us another new song to dive into. Their latest is You Can’t Hurt Me Know and it’s just a hard pounding/driving, crank it up worthy of a tune. I think the surprise for me is the harmonies, these voices blend so well. I especially love what they do during the chorus and trust me it’s going to get you singing it by the end of the song. The band states this about the song;

“Reflects on a sweet situation gone sour and the true empowerment that comes with not only realizing that you’ve been mistreated and that it’s time to go, but also summoning the courage to walk out the door, slam it shut, & lock it behind you”.

This female trio will be making their mark on the rock world rather quickly I think. They have a great sound, and the professional chops of seasoned pros. I mean check out their opening two lines of the track;

“Opposites attract But they’re not built to last”

That’s pretty epic in my mind. Short but says a lot. I mean there is a lot of attitude right there and of course it’s carried through out the song. The video brings the whole thing together. You get to see that attitude and energy they bring to their music. You can feel their commitment and passion for it. On top of all that, they drive a pretty damn fine car with their logo on it. How cool is that? I think you will enjoy the whole package. The only thing missing here is when they will have a new album for release. Check out the song below.

#Stormstress #YouCantHurtMeKnow

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