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Stryper Releases Melodic New Single “Same Old Story”!

Stryper will be releasing a new album on October 21st titled “The Final Battle”. You can pre-order it here. The fourth single from the record is Same Old Story. The song takes a softer approach then their previous singles. It opens with a very cool riff and is followed some nice drumming then it slows down as Michael Sweet starts to sing. I can’t say it’s a ballad because the temp is much faster than a song like that would deliver. It has a catchy chorus. I can se this one taking over the radio waves, but the real hero of the song is the dueling guitar solos. It really takes the track to another level. Well worth your time to take this one in. The video kind of starts in the same way as you get a Sweet by himself, for what purpose I don’t know. Eventually we get to him and the rest often band and that is the way it should have been through the whole thing. Check it out below.

#SameOldStory #Stryper #TheFinalBattle

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