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Stryper Releases “The Valley” And It Rocks!

Stryper has a new album coming out on this Friday (April 20th) called “God Damn Evil”. You can get it here. On a side note, you can’t buy it at Walmart, as they won’t sell it because of the title. The single/video The Valley is just an outstanding piece of work. The song is a bit on the heavy side for Stryper, and I like it, I like it a lot. I love the vibe each of the singles has given to this record. Besides Michael Sweet’s voice, which seems to never do anything but excel, the guitar work is the star here. The solo is very melodic and worthy of praise. The video is a stripped down version of the band in a boring valley setting, but it fits the song. You can check it all out below.

#GodDamnEvil #MichaelSweet #Stryper #TheValley

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