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Stryper Tells Us We Don’t Have To Say “Sorry”!

Stryper has released a new single called Sorry from their forthcoming album “God Damn Evil”, due out April 20th. You can pre-order it here. The album is produced Michael Sweet and he went with a heavier sound for the band. Sorry being the second single from the album shows that he isn’t kidding around with a heavier sound. I do think the song is a shot at former bassist Timothy Gaines. Mainly by the prominent bass playing of Perry Richardson and the lyrics such as these:

“Another lie and deception Just a smile that’s paid Better change your reflection Start a new crusade”

At least to me, it implies that tone. Regardless of the meaning the song rocks. I like that it’s heavy and its actually refreshing to hear them this way. Check out Sorry below.

#GodDamnEvil #Sorry #Stryper

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