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Styx Releases New Single “Crash Of The Crown”!

Styx will be releasing a new album on June 18th titled “Crash Of The Crown”. You can pre-order it here. Ahead of it’s release is the title track. It’s great to finally hear some new music from the band. We have waited 18 years since their last album “The Mission” back in 2003. Musically the song is outstanding and has some nice musical changes and jams in it. It kind of revisits hits of the past. I’m sure you will figure it out on your own. I have to say the harmonies were solid but Lawrence Gowan’s vocal were a bit disappointing. It has some good moments in the song but overall didn’t deliver for me. In any event, I’m glad there is new music from the band and looking forward to the record. We didn’t get video for this one, but a stream of the track. Check it out below.

#CrashOfTheCrown #Styx

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