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Sygnal To Noise Release Killer New Single “Human Condition”!

Sygnal To Noise will be releasing their new album “Human Condition” on June 3rd. You can pre-order it here. The band has given us the title rack for the forthcoming record. At first you get some talking heads discussing politics then the band kicks in and I think it’s a brilliant opening to the track. The song takes on what’s going on politically today and looking for you to stand up instead of enabling them.

I find that this perspective is quite refreshing and well thought out. Now you match that with the thunderous rhythm section and the delivery of Mark “Coopa” Cooper’s vocals makes this song beyond good. You need to pay attention to the melodic yet shred worthy guitar work on this. It’s eargasmic. If you are looking for new rock music to add to your playlist and to check out a band on it’s way up then this is for you. I hope you take the time to dig into their catalog, because if you do you will know rock isn’t dead. Check it out below.

#HumanCondition #SygnalToNoise

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