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System Of A Down Release New Video For Their Single “Genocidal Humanoidz”!

System Of A Down has officially released a new video for their single from November of 2019 Genocidal Humanoidz. They released the video after their live stream event to raise funds for Armenian soldiers. The band had to say this about their event and why they are raising money for the soldiers;

“In the tragic aftermath of the most egregious violence to affect the area since 1994, soldiers for the Defense Army of Artsakh and Armenia (many of them volunteers) suffered war crimes at the hands of the invaders – Azerbaijan abetted by Turkey and their Syrian mercenaries. Even after the ceasefire signed on November 10, 2020, those heroes wounded in the recent conflict remain in dire need of prosthetics, advanced treatment, and medical care. We are hosting a fundraising livestream event in order to raise money to rehabilitate and outfit the hundreds soldiers who have lost arms and legs with life-changing prosthetic limbs. The funding will also benefit the introduction of groundbreaking laser therapy for the treatment of white phosphorous chemical burns and the reduction of scarring and agonizing pain. All proceeds from the livestream will be donated to this cause.”

Now that you have their perspective you will probably appreciate the song and the video. The two funds that they support are the Armenian Fund here. and Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund here. If you look below the video you will see the link to watch the event. The song is great in that it has everything you would expect from them. I do love when they get passionate about a cause. From the opening riff to when the rest of the band kicks in you know you have something to reckon with. Maybe it’s because its the first new music we heard from the group in over 15 years.

The video actually is quite cool as it shows them performing the song and they use animation to bring the words to life. Just seeing the boys play live is worth the watch. The animation is done well to really tell the word what they want them to know. This is the complete package, music, passion and video. You couldn’t ask for more than this. Check it out below.

#GenocidalHumanoidz #SystemOfADown

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