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Tattered Sons Release New Rocking Single "That Shine"!

Tattered Sons release a new single That Shine. The band is redefining what Southern Rock is. This song opens with a masterful guitar riff, accented by the drums. When the drums kick in you know you're getting some serious rock dished out to you. Just when you think the song couldn't get better Timothy Stanton starts singing and you now have something that you realize is special. But wait there's more, Derek Lester has a bass solo. Read that again, because you don't hear those very often. That should tell you something about the band.

Musically, the song is outstanding, if you haven't figured that out by now. Near the end we get a jam that takes the song to the next level. This track has e hooked and I can't stop playing it. Add it to your playlist, you won't be disappointed. The video shows the band performing and within it you get to see images of who influenced them in a very unique way. Check it out below.

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