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Ted Nugent Releases Reminiscent New Single “Born In The Motorcity”!

Ted Nugent has released a new single from his album that came out today “Detroit Muscle”. You can get a copy here. Born In The Motorcity is the third single from the record. It’s like a mini autobiography of Nugent’s life. Musically, it sounds like anything he put out in the seventies. Save the vocals, they seem to be a little deeper than the guy who sang Wango Tango. Either way if you are a Sweaty Teddy fan you won’t be disappointed.

The track is a shorter one coming in at 2:29. The song comes at you fast and hard. I’m sure once you start listening to it you will find it has a familiar tone. But I think the coolest thing here is the video. Besides it being a lyric one it has great pics of the Motor City Madman from when he was a kid right through his whole career. You also get some classic footage of Detroit. Check it all out below.

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