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Tesla Releases A Kick Ass New Single “Cold Blue Steel”!

Tesla has released a new single Cold Blue Steel. The band isn’t recording an album per se, they have stated that they will rereleasing singles as they feel like it and eventually will put them on an album. Doing things this way they can at least write in the moment. This song takes on what’s going on today politically. One might say there is a call to action for politicians especially when you hear the following words;

“Ya”ll politicians be it left or right Meet in the middle and give up the fight You’ve been elected to find common ground So we the people feel safe and sound”

Maybe it’s a message, either way it’s something most of us can agree with it. Onto the music, let’s just say this one rocks. It’s a throw back to glam and it’s just what I needed to make my day. Guitars, great vocals and drumming that combines into a kick ass tune. The video shows the band performing and that’s always a good thing.. Check it out below.

#ColdBlueSteel #Tesla

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