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The Alarm Release A Killer New Single “Blood Red Viral Black”!

The Alarm has a new album coming out June 28th titled “∑Sigma”. You can pre-order it here. Blood Red Viral Black is the new single. I was taking by surprised when I listened to this song. This is really good. The riffs are catchy and the pounding drums of Steve “Smiley” Barnard are energetic and make the song stand out. James Stevenson guitar solo has a very cool 1980’s vibe and is just a pleasure to listen to. Mike Peters singing is spot on for this song I love his delivery of the lyrics. Jules Peters keyboards really round out the sound and give it some depth. Once I get a copy of this song, I will be adding it to my playlists. It’s just a fun song with a chorus you can get into. The video shows the band performing and having a good time playing it. Always a highlight for me and also show shows the band painting the song title. In any event I think you will enjoy it. Check it out below.

#BloodRedViralBlack #TheAlarm #Sigma

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