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The Black Crowes Put Out A Previously Unreleased Track "Miserable"!

The Black Crowes will be releasing a new box set and anniversary for their 1992 album "The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion". Due out December 1st, you can pre-order it here. We get another unreleased track from the forthcoming box set, this time it's Miserable. You may have heard the song live in the past but now you get the studio version. This is another great tune from my favorite era of the band. You can immediately identify the music and who it is. The guitar work and of course Chris Robinson's vocals always stand out. This one is more of a slower tempo, not really a ballad, but more of a moody style of song. I can't see how fans would be disappointed in this one. I really enjoy it. Played it a few times already. We have no footage for the video for it and that's unfortunate. You can check it out below.

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