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The Black Keys Release A Funky New Single “Wild Child”!

The Black Keys will be releasing a new album on May 13th titled “Dropout Boogie”. You can pre-order it here. The lead single is Wild Child. This one has a real cool groove and I have to say a great listen. You will be singing along the chorus in no time. The song sounds like it should have been out in the seventies. No doubt this will be a classic in time. I hear bits and pieces that remind me of other songs, I just quite can’t put my finger on it. Either way, the song is a great tune.

The video is quite the event, like a short film you might say. It opens up with them starting a job at a school before the music starts and I’ll warn you now that you will get some f-bombs along with some other offensive language. That’s all I’ll say about t, don’t want to spoil your fun. Check it out below.

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