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The Black Star Riders Release Their Take On The Osmond Brothers “Crazy Horses”!

The Black Star Riders has a new album on January 20, 2023 titled “Wrong Side Of Paradise”. You can pre-order it here. The new single is a cover of The Osmond Brothers 1972 song Crazy Horses which was the title track of that album. The song was very heavy for its time. It was also a political one in that it was against air pollution. The horses in this case is horse power. I suggest you look up the original. I’m glad to hear the band has covered it and giving bringing out back to life. I loved it when I was kid and I truly enjoy this version. It’s perfect for a hard rock/metal track. Just listen to it, there is no denying this one rocks out. Unfortunately, we don’t get them performing it, just a stream over the cover of the album. Check it out below.

#CrazyHorses #TheBlackStarRiders #WrongSideOfParadise

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