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The Blues Pills Release New Version Of Their Single “California” Featuring Marc Broussar

The Blues Pills have released a new version of their song California. The song is featured on their 2020 album “Holy Moly”. You can get a copy here. This version of the song features Mark Broussard. Broussard is known for Bayou Soul and Blues. He is well known within the Blues circle.

Now the original version is a little more up tempo, this one is more in line with a ballad. I would also since they slowed it down it’s much more moody. After listening to this duet, you would think they appeared at Woodstock or certainly could have been there. You definitely will notice that singer Elin Larsson is very reminiscent of Janis Joplin. Broussard on the other hand, kind of brings a romantic element to the way he sings it. This is well worth you listening to if you like the bands retro sounding style. I will admit this take surprised me. I like both versions of the song, but right now this one is taking over the initial release. Check it out below.

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