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The Cold Stares Releases New Single "Throw That Stone"!

The Cold Stares will be releasing a new album on March 3rd titled "Voices". You can pre-order it here. The new single is Throw That Stone. According to singer/guitarist Chris Tapp, "I was drawing from my heroes like Son House, Blind Willie Johnson and even Johnny Cash". The single features vocals by bluegrass singer Brenna Macmillan and mandolin by Warren Hood. The song is about not being judgmental, hence the title. I think it's a good message to be sending today. I love the fact that Tapp went back to his influences to bring out such a great subject. You get Gospel and Blues married together to deliver it. Tapp delivers the words in a solemn way, but sung with a man who has some wisdom. A man has his own problems or sins and can't judge another. We all need to take the time to heed that insight.

The band gives us an animated lyric video. I love the western setting with its religious ties to tell the story or should I say, bringing the words to life. It seems to take on a deeper meaning when you see with Tapp singing. You can almost feel his pain. This one pulled me and it didn't let go. I found it to be something to reflect on. I hope it has an impact on you like it did to me. Check it out below.

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