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The Damn Shames Release New Single "Who Killed Rock N' Roll?"!

Kentucky Southern rockers The Damn Shames have released a new song Who Killed Rock N' Roll?. The latest of three singles. No word on a new album, but I am hoping one is on the way. You can follow them on their Facebook page to keep up with all their going ons here. The band has taken a retro sound and given it a fresh take. One listen and you know you are going to fall for them. Musically, this is comfort food for the ear. I do like the mature lyrics as well. When you hear verse ie these;

"All of my heroes are dead and gone

Petty, Bowie, Cornell and Vaughn

But I ain't the kind to live in the past

When certain things are still meant to last

But I don't know

Just who killed rock n' roll?"

One thing I like is how they covered their influences, which spreads the gambit. I do think the question of the song takes on a different meaning when you see those who have passed. I guess you would say who is going to carry the torch. Obviously, they are well on their way to doing that. If they aren't on your radar, they should be. I will be adding them to my playlist. You get the whole package of great vocals in story telling mode and nice backing section with well done guitar solo. Nothing not to like here. To. top it all off, the band is a trio. Enough of my gloating here, time for you to be introduced. Check them out below.

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