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The Darkness Release The Title Track Of their Forthcoming album “Motorheart”!

The Darkness will be releasing a new album on November 19th titled “Motorheart”. You can pre-order a copy here. Ahead of its release they give us the title track as the lead single. The song is fast paced and has a bit of a thrash vibe to it. Obviously the song is about a robotic sex doll. The lyrics have sone tongue in cheek fun as the band usually does. There are a couple of lines that I really think are well done here and they are;

“You need a Phillips screwdriver To get her undressed”


“And I kept the receipt In case you don’t believe me”

I find these very clever and of course humorous. The track is fine but nothing that will blow you away. I guess its nice getting something new form them. The video isn’t that much better. It’s a animated lyric video with appearance from Justin Hawkins not animated. Check it out below.

#Motorheart #TheDarkness

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