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The Dead Daisies Release “Unspoken” And It Will Leave You Speechless!

 The Dead Daisies has a new album coming out June 19th titled “Holy Ground”. You can pre-order it here.. The new single is Unspoken. I didn’t know what to expect from this lineup. This one features Glenn Hughes who needs no introduction, but he was a two far for the group as he replaces vocalist Jon Corabi and bassist Marco Mendozza. I’ve liked everything the band has put thus far but with Hughes at the helm I actually love this version of the band. This song is just fantastic on all fronts. Doug Aldrich is guitar playing is just over the top and his solo os one of his best yet.

 Hughes singing is a perfect match for this band. I love what he brings to the table. His howling vocals and range really take the band to a new level. His bass playing helps hold down the rhythm section but I have to say my hero of the song is Deen Castronovo. I was blown away by his drumming and what he did on this song, and how he drives it, but pay attention to his playing especially near the end of the song, just wow. Some other highlights are the changes in the song, when it slows down at about the 2:33 mark and works its way to the guitar solo is just eargasmic. I was so taken with that I was just left speechless with it. A great thing is that everyone is a star on this song, they all get to highlight their talents. Well done. The video is a lyric video which is one over animation. You can check it out below.

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