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The Dead Daisies, The Rolling Stones, Poynte, Hinder, Whiskey D, The Dead Pollys And Broken Witt Reb

If you go to, you can hear alternate takes on songs like Bitch for their remaster release of Sticky FIngers out on June 9th.

Nightwish released a new video from their album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful. It’s the lyric video of the title track, watch and read it here:

Supergroup Teenage Time Killers released a new song from their newly released debut album, Greatest Hits Vol. 1. This one is Barrio, check it out here:

Poynte, the band from Atlanta, Georgia that I have been telling you about, have released a new video and awesome track called Hold On. It’s off their current album, Discreet Enemy. Check it out here:

Shiprocked 2016 have announced the performers and you can get more info here:

Pop Evil have released the second part of their in-the-studio series for their 4th album. You can watch it here:

The Darkness just had a new drummer in Emily Davies but then left after recording the new album and a few shows. She is now being replaced with Roger Taylor’s son (you know Roger, Queen’s drummer). So, the new drummer for The Darkness is Rufus, yes Rufus, Taylor.

Hinder have their new album, When The Smoke Clears, coming out this Tuesday. Check out their latest single, I Need Another Drink. Listen to it here:

Bullet For My Valentine have released a “coming soon” video for their next album in a teaser trailer as well as announcing South American tour dates. Check it out here:

For those of you who like Alternative music, check out St. Vincent. Check out their video for Digital Witness and let me know what you think. Watch it here:

Santa Cruz have released another track from their self titled debut album. This one is called My Remedy. Watch it here:

Last week’s Rockucation was: This band had songs covered by Def Leppard, Girl School, Ace Frehley, and Raven. Who is it? Well, some good guesses but no one got it. The answer was the band Sweet. Ace Frehley and Girl School did Fox On The Run whereas Raven and Def Leppard did Hell Raiser.

The Yardbirds hired the guitarist from David Bowie, Earl Slick. He will be part of the new line up. They have announced tour dates here:

Craig Gruber, the bass player for Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, passed at the age of 63. He passed from prostate cancer. RIP, Craig!

In This Moment released Sex Metal Barbie from their current album, Black Widow. Check it out here:

Arch Enemy have released a new track from their soon to be released album, War Eternal, out on June 10. This one is called Stolen Life. Watch it here:

For my punk music friends, The Dead Pollys released a new video for Straight No Chaser. It’s off their latest album, Bullet For The Wicked. Check it out here:

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Driven have released a teaser video of a new song called Soul 2 Keep. Check it out here:

I came across this band out of Texas. They are Whiskey D. They have an album out now called One Last Shot. Here is their song M.I.L.F.:

Remember the band New England? They released a new album this week. If you are wondering, it’s been over 30 years and it is the original line up.  You can hear their new single, I Know There’s Something Here, here:

Kiss have a new pinball machine which you can check out here: as well as new dolls coming out and you can get those here:

You can check out my guest blogs. You know I write them,  right? You should also explore  the rest of the site here:

Whitesnake have released another track from their soon to be released Purple album coming out on May 18. This one is called Soldier Of Fortune. Check it out here:

Crawling Spider is a project you should get behind. You’ve seen me post about them in the past couple of weeks. It’s about Mike Montgomery and a tribute album to him titled, Back Street Crawler, that will feature many known musicians. You can follow them here and show your support as well:

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Opeth announced dates for their 25th anniversary. You can get those here:

Queensryche added more bonus material if you help them with their new album. You can see all the deals and the rest here:

Ghost will be releasing their new album on August 21, titled Meliora.

Bret Michaels released a new video off his album, True Grit. Just another rocker going country. This one is Girls On Bars. You can check it out here:

I came across this band from Birmingham, England. They are Broken Witt Rebels. Here is their latest video, Bottom Of The Hill. Watch it here:  Learn more about them here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: This person was in the Move, ELO, Traveling Wilbury’s, produced Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, and George Harrison. Who is he?

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