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The Dirty Heads Release A Cover Of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth&#822

The Dirty Heads have decided to record and release their version of Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth. There aren’t many cover versions or remakes that blow me away, but this one does. I’m not sure how to describe it or if refreshing would be the right word, maybe because it sounds updated. I even love the horns they used. They pay homage to the original, they maintain their authentic style to make it their own. Singer Jared Watson has said;

“Just Listen to the song and the lyrics and how fitting it is for the times”

If you aren’t sure I would ask you look up the lyrics and you will be surprised how they resonate 54 years later. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with their take on this classic. The video is the band playing the song but the way its filmed seems to make the song more impactful and moving. Check it out below.

#DirtyHeads #ForWhatItsWorth

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