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The DollyRots Release A Cover Leona Lewis’s “One More Sleep” To Add To Your Holid

The Dollyrots will be releasing a new collection of B-Sides, rarities and cover songs, all remastered, titled “Down The Rabbit Hole”. Due out January 7th, 2022. You can pre-order it here. The latest single from the collection is a cover of Leona Lewis’s One More Sleep. You can only get a copy of this from the band’s Bandcamp page. You can purchase it here.

I have to admit I love the punk feel they bring to this song. They really made this one their own. The original by Lewis is just under three minutes long and this version clocks in at 4:20. The biggest difference to me is the Lewis version is more of pop romantic type of vibe and The Dollyrots is more of a rock style. It’s almost like two different songs, but I lean toward the bands take. If you’re making a holiday playlist, this should be on it. The video is a a lyric one that streams over the cover of the single. Check it out below.

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