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The Doors Release A Demo Of “Riders On The Storm”!

The Doors will be releasing their 50th anniversary deluxe edition of their 1970 album “L.A. Woman”. It comes out on December 3rd and you can pre-order it here. Ahead of it’s release we get a demo of Riders On The Storm. Right out of the gate, I am going to say I love this more than the original version. The rawness and without all the bells and whistles (ie the actual storm on the studio version), just take this over the top for me. The bass line and Jim Morrison’s vocals are just eargasmic. It’s shorter than the original, obviously it’s the demo but I like the length of it. Maybe because it’s stripped down, not sure but this version really excites me. I think you will enjoy it as well. The video is animated, with the track playing over it. Check out the license plate. You can take it all in below.

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