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The Everyday Losers Release “Birds Of Prey” Single!

The Everyday Losers have released their second single for their forthcoming album “Mono No Aware” They currently plan to have it out in January, in the mean time you can pre-order it through their campaign here. The band currently consists of Dylan Seidel, Vocals and Guitar Tyler Seidel, Guitar and Vocals. Derek Nolan guested on drums for the video. The song basically sends the message about what you have to do to survive. Everyone handles what they are going through different and the song conveys that, as does the video. Musically the single has a Nirvana vibe and tone. The chorus is catchy and something you will sing along to after a couple of plays, but I really like the guitar solo. It kind of has a dark feel and you can almost feel the struggle that the song is describing through it. The band released the video/single through their Facebook page. Check it out below.

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