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The Foo Fighters Release New Single "Under You"!

The Foo Fighters have a new album coming out on June 2nd titled "But Here We Are". You can pre-order it here. The second single form the forthcoming album is Under You. This another heartfelt number from the band. When you hear the lyrics like these;

"Someone said I’ll never see your face again

Part of me just can’t believe it’s true,

Pictures of us sharing songs and cigarettes,

This is how I’ll always picture you"

You can see that band is still grieving with drummer Taylor Hawkins death. The song keeps the traditional sound of the band and captures the emotions that they are trying to convey. I think this one will also get a lot of airplay on the radio. I think it's a good song that will help the healing process for the band and the fans. You can check out the lyric video below.

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