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The Frequency Conspiracy Debut With A Cover Of Montrose’s “Rock Candy”!

Newly formed group The Frequency Conspiracy that is the new project of drummer Joel Maitoza (24-7 Spyz, Shockhead, Seventrain). The rest of the band consists of singer Andrew Freeman (Last in Line, Lynch Mob, Offspring), guitarist Joshua Jones (Poster Child) and bassist Rick Skatore (24-7 Spyz). The band will be releasing it’s debut album in early 2021 titled “Quarantine Covers”. The lead single is Rock Candy, a cover of the Montrose song.

First off I think this is a great cover version and what I kind of need right now. As this is one of my favorite songs in the original format. It’s great to see Montrose getting some respect in this manner. There is nothing bad to say about this version. It has the energy and attitude it deserves. Freeman does a nice take on the vocals and Jones does a great job on the solo. The rhythm section of Maitoza and Skatore really fill out the sound making the song very modern sounding. The video is band performing in quarantine fashion which seems to be the trend at the moment. Check it all out below.

#QuarantineCovers #RockCandy #TheFrequencyConspiracy

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