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The Georgia Thunderbolts Release New Single "Gonna Shine"!

Updated: Sep 17

The Georgia Thunderbolts have released a new single for a yet to be named album that will be out next year. Gonna Shine asks you not to judge, as you don't know what the person has been through. It also declares that you do your thing and I'll do mine attitude. It also offers hope, when you check out this verse;

"Don't you know gotta find your spark,

You gotta learn to begin and where it starts

and do it again"

The band always find a way lyrically to communicate real feelings and thoughts that you can relate too. T.J. Lyle always makes you feel what is singing and believe every word he says. I just love his delivery. Riley Couzzourt guitar solo seems to be the perfect compliment for the music in its melodic tone. I've been waiting to hear something new from the guys and this will have to hold me over until the new record gets here. But they always deliver and this is another quality track. The video shows two guys playing on the beach while a story plays out between a man and woman. I think you will enjoy this one. Check it out below.

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