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The Georgia Thunderbolts Releases Rocking New Single “Take It Slow”!

The Georgia Thunderbolts has released a new single for a yet to be named album due out later this year. Take It Slow has a real nice groove, the kind that pulls you in for the ride. Bassist Zach Everett and drummer Bristol Perry really earn their keep on this one. Now the guitar licks and riffs are from the band’s lethal duo of guitarists Riley Couzzourt and Logan Tolbert. They give the song the hard driving rock sound that takes the single to another level. But, to me the real magic here and not to be understated is TJ Lyle’s harmonica playing. It seems to come in at the right time and where it needs to be. His vocals are always on the money but when he plays the harmonica, well that’s the sweet spot for me. All of these components together just make these guys pull ahead of the rest.

The video really matches the music, when you see the fast car, the song makes you feel that you are driving top speed. Synching the sound with the lyrics and the video is very well down. You feel the words come to life. The performance side of the clip is great to see. You can see what these guys bring to the stage. Loving watching the boys play. You can check it all out below.

#TakeItSlow #TheGeorgiaThunderbolts

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