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The Kris Barras Band Proves Once Again Why Rock Isn’t Dead With Their New Single “These

The Kris Barras Band has a new album coming out on March 4th, 2022 titled “Death Valley Paradise”. You can pre-order it here. These Voices is the new single. I love the heavy riff, it really pulls you in. Kris Barras’s vocals really bring words to life and feel the emotion. You should notice your head bopping with the drums and most likely singing along by the end of the song.

If you are like me, you played this more than once. This means you are hooked. I’m a new comer to this band and all I can say is they impress me more and more with every track I hear. This is what the music scene needs. They are fresh, energetic and rocking, what else do you need. The video puts that all together for you to witness it. It shows the band playing the song live. Check it out below.

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