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The Naked Gypsy Queens Release New Single “If Your Name Is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam)&#8

The Naked Gypsy Queens has released a new single from their current EP “Georgiana”. You can get a copy of it here. The new song If Your Name Is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam) is a hard edged ballad. Upon hearing it, you will think you were listening to unearth track from the seventies.

I know when you start listening to it you won’t be able to pull yourself away, you need to hear it to its end. The guitar solo is magical and really moves this song to a new level. I think you will agree that these guys are true up and comers. The video shows the band performing the song and using the backdrop of New York City and Amsterdam. My understanding is the title was inspired by a quote from Daniel Day Lewis’ character in the movie, Gangs Of New York. You can check it out below.

#Georgiana #IfYourNameIsNewYorkThenMinesAmsterdam #TheNakedGypsyQueen

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