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The Picturebooks Release New Single “Catch Me If You Can” Featuring Chris Robertson!

The Picturebooks has a new album coming out on September 3rd titled “The Major Minor Collective”. You can pre-order it here. The album features lots of guests and their new single has one of them. Catch Me If You Can features Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson. Well there is no denying that because of Robertson you get his sound through the song. But I have to admit his singing is killer on this one. I love how he just sings without any music. It adds that special something to the song. This doesn’t take anything away from this dynamic duo. Fynn Claus Grabke plays a mew slide guitar and does a pretty fine guitar solo. Drummer Philipp Mirtschink also really fills out the song and really stands out on his own right. The three of them combined on this track is done so well I have played it several times already and will continue to do so.

The video shows the duo on motorcycles and eventually shows them performing with Roberston. Now watching the performance and the energy along with the music certainly has that wow affect. All together it pulls you in and that’s impactful. You can check it out below.

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