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The Pretenders Release New Single "Let The Sun Come In"!

The Pretenders will be releasing their new album "Relentless" out on September 1st. You can pre-order it here. Let The Sun Come In is the new single. We should be celebrating that they chose to release a new album and a single. I'm thrilled with everything about this one. I like the attitude of the song. The opening verse kind of sets up the rest of the perspective;

"A bunch of myths, a bunch of tales

To take the wind out of our sails

They even say that we must die

I don't believe that, that's a lie"

Chrissie Hyde does a marvelous job vocally and James Walbourne's guitar work and solo should satisfy any of the bands fans. As you can see here, I have nothing but good things to say about the track. The only sad thing is that there is no video just a stream of the song over the album cover which is animated with the song title. Check it out below.

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