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The Pretty Reckless, Nugent, Korn, Slash, ANd The Uproar Festival!

Ted Nugent released another song from his soon to be released Shut Up And Jam album. Album is out  July 8. This one is called Never Stop Believing. Listen to it here:

Vince Neil is waiting for approval from the AFL to have an arena football team in Las Vegas, in which he as a name for it called the Outlaws. He hopes to have a team on the field for the 2015 season.

Tesla released a new video from their current album, Simplicity. This is their new one called So Divine. Check  it out here:

Gene Simmons is releasing another book on October 21. Appropriately named ME, INC. It will have business strategies for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground and/or succeed.

Grave Digger released a new video called Hell Funeral off their soon to be released album, Return Of The Reaper.  The album comes out on July 11. You can watch it here:

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young have released Pre Road Downs Live 1974 from their soon to be released Box Set out on July 8. You can hear it here:

Alice Cooper has a new comic book series coming out in September. Simply titled Alice Cooper, he serves as the guardian of humanity’s dreams.

Korn released another video fror their next album, Paradigm Shift out on July 15. This one is called Hater. Watch it here:

Slash released the lyric video for World On Fire, the title track of the album to be released on September 17. You can watch it here:

Metallica has made Lords Of Summer, the single, available on iTunes and you can get that here:

The BBC says it will reunite the original members of Genesis for a documentary which they are working on, called  Genesis: Together And Apart. No dates have been given for when it will air.

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Can you name 5 Canadian rock groups, notice I said groups, no artists. Evan Portno, from Coventry RI, got this one right first. SO many of you got four , but there is a lot, trust me.  He had Rush, Monster Truck (nice to see something new get noticed), Theory Of A Deadman, Sum 41 and who can ever forget Nickelback, though I know some of you would. Some other famous bands are Heart, Triumph, Helix, BTO, Guess Who, Anvil and April Wine.

KIX will be releasing their new record: Rock Your Face Off on August 5. Soon to be heard on radio is their new single, Love Me With Your Top Down.

Brian Johnson of AC/DC states that the band will probably tour by the end of the year. That’s great news for fans.

This year’s Uproar Festival has Godsmack and Seether as headliners along with bands Buckcherry and Skillet. You can get more details here, including tour dates:

April Wine is still looking for a singer to replace Myles Goodwyn. You need to know two songs: Roller and Just Between You And Me. You can send your YouTube auditions too

Like we need another thing about the Beatles. NBC is doing an 8 part mini series on the history of the Beatles. I personally think there is enough stuff out there, that if you didn’t already know everything about the Beatles, you could very easily access it. Give another band some love, like Led Zep or The Stones.

Silvertung, is still looking for some help. Please check it out.  You can read their story and see if you can help them reach their goal. Details are here:

The Cult expanded their tour, you can get dates here:

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This week’s Rockucation question is: This super group featured John Waite, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, who were they and they had one big hit written by Diane Warren, what was the name of it?

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