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The Pretty Reckless Release “Death By Rock And Roll”, It Will Blow You Away!

The Pretty Reckless has a new album coming out later this year titled “Death By Rock And Roll”. The first preview of the album is the title track. All I can say is wow. Fantastic isn’t even the right adjective, this song is perfection. The band is on fire on this one. Each member shines, the chords, the drums, Taylor Momsen singing, all of it is pure gold. This is a damn fine tune. It’s what I needed to hear right now. In fact I think I have a new motto from the song;

“But on my tombstone when I go Just put “Death by Rock and Roll”

It’s catchy and for me it would be perfect. My understanding the song is dedicated as a tribute to their former producer Khandwala. There is no video but a stream of the song over what looks like the cover of the album. Check it out below.

#DeathByRockAndRoll #ThePrettyReckless

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