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The Pretty Reckless Release New Single “25”!

The Pretty Reckless has a new album coming out on February 12, 2021 titled “Death By Rock And Roll”. You can pre-order it here. 25 is the latest single. I’m not sure if I would call it a ballad or a hybrid, in either case it’s a beautifully done song. According to Taylor Momsen, the song was written when she turned 25 and is autobiographical. Momsen’s voice is amazing. I always enjoy her singing, she has that special something, that uniqueness that attracts you to her.

There are some changeups in the song like the chorus where it kicks it up a notch, but overall its Momsen’s voice over the music that makes this track stand out. As mesmerizing a the song is it still seems dark. That’s slightly evil undertone comes through in all other music and this was no exception. Along with it is a lyric video over  a nude picture on Momsen laying down and holding herself. Check it out below.

#25 #DeathByRockAndRoll #ThePrettyReckless

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