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The Pretty Reckless Release New Single “And So It Went” Featuring Tom Morello!

The Pretty Reckless has a new album coming out on February 12th, 2021 titled “Death By Rock And Roll”. You can pre-order it here. And So It Went is the latest single from the group and we get a real treat because it features Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Prophets Of Rage, The Nightwatchman) on guitar. I love the heavy riff with the pounding drums that open this song. I can’t find any fault in this track. Each single I hear from this record makes me desire this album so much so I can’t wait until February gets here. Taylor Momsen’s voice is magical to me. I can hear her sing all day. I like the way the band changes up the song with its different breaks and the way Momsen vocals change with it. I would be remiss not to say how fantastic Morello’s playing is on this. You definitely feel his imprint all over this song. They do a great job ising up this song to keep you interested and simply put, excellent. Unfortunately there is no video but a stream of the song over an image of Momsen. Check it out below.

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