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The Real L.A. Guns Release New Single “Let You Down”!

  L.A. Guns, the one that features Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns, hence the real version has released a new single for a yet to be titled and date of a new album. Let You Down is the new song. Before I get into reviewing it, both Lewis and Guns put out their thoughts on the song. You can read them below;

Of the song, Phil Lewis says, “This is our new single, ‘Let You Down,’ a deep  work and words from a tormented soul. It was recorded during quarantine, so Tracii laid down his guitar tracks in Denmark, I did my vocals at home in Las Vegas, and Adam Hamilton played drums and mixed it in LA. Under normal circumstances, it would have been recorded in a more traditional way, but somehow the isolation adds to the atmosphere of this very cool song. I’m sure you’re going to love it. Cheers.”

  Tracii Guns adds, “This song just appeared at the right time, while we were writing and recording on different continents. Also, we won’t be performing anytime soon and it seems like the type of song that our fans can hold on to for awhile.”

To me this is one hell of a track, better than I expected. I love the soft opening and the way Hamilton’s drums set the tone and just gives you the feeling of anticipation that something good is abut to happen The goodness is when Lewis starts to sing. It’s one of the best efforts I ever heard from him. I am totally blown away by it. When you hear him sing the opening verse;

“There’s a part of me That you’ll never know Push it deep inside It’s got nowhere to go It’s like a song that’s too quiet It’s like a slow growing riot”

  All I can say is wow. He pulls you and you want to hear what he has to say. That in itself makes this song worth it but you get a bonus. You get Guns moody and melodic guitar solo. I’ll leave my commentary at that. There is no video but a stream over the song over a band picture. Check it out below.

#LAGuns #LetYouDown

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