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The Record Company Release New Single “Gotta Be Movin’”!

The Record Company has a new album coming out on October 8th titled “Play Loud”. You can pre-order a copy here. Gotta Be Movin’ is the new single from the record. This has a nice and heavy groove with a great drum beat. It has almost a 80’s ZZ Top vibe to it. The song will grow on you like it did me. What actually got my attention the most was the lyrics, especially this verse;

“Going round going round like a record spins I’m a broken clock that’s right again I might fall down hard but I get up quick I been fired a lot but I never quit I’m not gonna sleep tonight Play right through till the morning light Put the chips on the table one time get set It’s an all or nothing bet”

If that doesn’t describe determination and tenacity, I don’t know what does. It’s well written and impactful. There is no video but a stream of the song over the album cover. Check it out below.

#GottaBeMovin #PlayLoud #TheRecordCompany

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