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The Record Company Release New Single “I Found Heaven (In My Darkest Days)”!

The Record Company has a new album coming out this Friday, September 15th titled "The 4th Album". You can pre-order it here. The new single from the album is I Found Heaven (In My Darkest Days). I like the stripped down aspect of this. You can almost feel the energy that is happening in that studio. But the thrill for me is the harmonica playing. I love that instrument and really enjoy it when it becomes an integral part of the song. I have to admit that at one point, a little over the three minute mark I was thinking that they could end the song now, but to my surprise they kicked it up notch and jam out and that made happy. I'm glad a hung on all the way through. The video shows them performing it and I think you will agree that it's a nice way to introduce the track. You can check it all out below.

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