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The Rock Hall Of Fame Releases Another Poor List Of Nominees!

The 2023 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame announced the nominees for this year and they are;

• Kate Bush

• Sheryl Crow

• Missy Elliott

• Iron Maiden

• Joy Division/New Order

• Cyndi Lauper

• George Michael

• Willie Nelson

• Rage Against The Machine

• Soundgarden

• The Spinners

• A Tribe Called Quest

• The White Stripes

• Warren Zevon

I have been down those road in the past and once again I think it needs to addressed. At this point it's about artists who should be in and most cases have not been even nominated. Out this years list of 14, my top 3 are Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden. Honorable mentions to me are Warren Zevon and Joy Division/New Order. They are who would get my 5 votes. I am torn about Willie Nelson as he was part of the scene way back with the 1950's greats. You can make a case for some of the others, But I'm not. You can debate the if you like. It's the same ole same ole every time they put these out. It's sad really.

What's sadder is who should be in but isn't. Many who are much more worthy than many that are already in for what they have done in the rock world. Here is a list right off the top of my head;

• Bad Company/Free

• Steppenwolf

• Jethro Tull

• Blue Oyster Cult

• Emerson Lake And Palmer

• Tool

• Alice In Chains

• The Guess Who

• Devo

• MC5

• King Crimson

• Boston

• Jim Croce

• Grand Funk Railroad

• Foreigner

• Styx

• Oasis

There are so many more, hell even The Monkees should be in. Some of the ones I listed need to go in before they pass. It would be such a disservice to them to be voted after they are gone. It has happened to too many of them. I'm not sure what to say now that hasn't been said already about The Hall Of Fame. Maybe, it needs new management or be rebranded. When you see the likes of Madonna in it versus some of what I listed, well it just disgusts me. How disappointing. Before I end this, I'll mention that you can vote on this year class here. If you need an incentive, Cyndi Lauper is leading everyone. Let that sink in for a minute. You can vote every day if you like. Your vote counts here. Vote rock!

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