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The Rolling Stones Please “Don’t Stop” Live From 2003!

The Rolling Stones will be releasing a CD/DVD/LP expanded and remastered edition of their film “Licked Live In NYC”. It will be released on June 10th and you can pre-order it here. The band has released a performance clip of their song Don’t Stop from their 2002 release “Forty Licks”. This is the band’s 40th anniversary tour and just think they are about to go on their 60th one.

The original version of the song was made for the compilation album. It’s one that many would like to see back in their setlist. In that regard that makes this that much more of a rarity and a gem. Just getting to see all three guitars in action and the energy they bring to this is just great to witness. If you are a die hard fan, you must be elated to see all these live releases and never before heard or seen music and live shows materialize must have you in heaven. In any event you can check it out below.

#DontStop #LickedLiveInNYC #TheRollingStones

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