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The Rolling Stones Release New Single “Living In A Ghost Town”!

The Rolling Stones have released a stand alone single that reflects what going on the world today. Living In A Ghost Town is a great tune. Definitely has the band’s classic vibe to it. It has a very Miss You like tone to it musically. The band shows even in their seventies that they still can write relevant music. This song is no exception. My favorite part is Mick Jagger playing the harmonica, which is just purely fantastic. Lyrically they nailed it with verses ike this one;

“You can look for me But I can’t be found You can search for me I had to go underground Life was so beautiful Then we all got locked down Feel a like ghost Living in a ghost town

That about sums up the word right now. I certainly can relate to those words. These guys still deliver and do it with style. The video shows various empty streets and the band recording the studio. This is just what we needed, at least it was for me. Check it out below.

#LivingInAGhostTown #TheRollingStones

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