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The Rolling Stones Release Rare Track From 1967 “We Love You”!

The Rolling Stones have released their single from 1967 We Love You. Along with the single they have restored a video for it from then. The song wasn’t part of an album but just single as they did then. Backed on the B side with Dandelion. The big thing about the song was the use of the Mellotron. This was part of the band’s psychedelic phase. To me it sounds a lot like The Beatles, you may disagree, but the harmonies remind ne of Rain. That song came out in 1966. I think that aspect of it is ok. They all did that then. But the really great thing here is seeing the video of the original lineup in the studio and being candid. I think you can appreciate how lucky we are to get things like this. Check it out below and enjoy!

#TheRollingStones #WeLoveYou

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