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The Scorpions Drop New Single “Seventh Sun”!

The Scorpions will be releasing a new album on February 25th, titled “Rock Believer”. You can pre-order it here. Seventh Sun is the third single from the record. This one’s a moody one, and much slower paced versus the previous releases. Drummer Mickey Dee and bassist Pawel Maciwoda are the main focus on this one. They set the tone and what drives the track. The song sort of has an evil vibe to it, considering the band tends to write more uptempo types of music. I really like the groove of this and of course Klaus Meine brings his vocals down to display his powerful story telling of the lyrics. Again each single has me craving the new album. This one is going to be special I feel. I am anticipating a real great album. There is no video but a stream of the song. Check it out below.

#RockBeliever #SeventhSun #TheScorpions

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