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The Scorpions Release New Single Of Optomism “Sign of Hope”!

  The Scorpions has released a stand alone single Sign of Hope. They decided to put out a song to raise as the song suggests, some hope. The band posted the following on their Facebook page;

“Dear fans…We are working on lot’s of Hard‘n Heavy Rockers for our new album these days … but because of the dramatic Covid-19 pandemic, we want to give you a little Sign of Hope that came straight from the heart in troubled times … stay healthy and safe … we love you … Scorpions”

I thought that this was a great gesture and worthy to share. One of the verses that I thought was spot on is the following;

“In troubled times we need a friend We keep on waiting for better times Help me God, here I am Alone, with all my fears tonight”

I think that is well put and spot on. The whole song, though it is short, says a lot. You can check it out below.

#SignofHope #TheScorpions

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