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The Smoke Breaks Release “The Woman in the Glass”!

  The Smoke Breaks have released a new single The Woman In The Glass. Maybe you haven’t heard of them, but you will. They were once called Queen Anne’s Revenge. The band hails from Providence, RI. You can follow the band on their Facebook page here. The Woman In The Glass has all the elements you want for a great rock tune. The song has a slow groove and a guitar solo that pulls you. Once guitarist Sam Patrie gets your attention, he keeps you there and amazes you once again when he solos later in the track. Another highlight is Cassidy Caduto vocals. You can feel the anguish she is going through as she sings;

   “The woman in the glass, she looks nothing like me/But how am I to know what these damaged eyes can’t see”

  Now that’s powerful, especially when you hear her sing it. One of my favorite parts is about two minutes in Caduto just sings without any music and it’s fantastic. I love the way this whole song comes together. I think you will like this one. There is no video but a stream of the song over the band logo. Check it out below.

#TheSmokeBreaks #TheWomanintheGlass

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