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The Struts Officially Release “Body Talks” Video That Features Kesha!

The Struts have put out the official version of Body Talks. The song is for their yet untitled sophomore album. Nor is there a release date, except to say that it will be out later this year. You can read my original review of their streamed single release here. This version though is new in that it features Kesha singing some of the lyrics. I have to say it does take away from the song like I thought it would. She actually makes it sexier. I imagine this crossover team up will help benefit both for new audiences. I’m curious as to why Kesha put a star over her eye, like Paul Stanley of Kiss. Either way, the band and Kesha look like they are having a great time in it. You can see my point that lead singer Luke Spiller will go down as one of the greatest front men of all time in years to come. Enjoy the video below.

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